New Lil Gator cement mold

Lil Gator Concrete Mold

This is another brand new heavy-duty mold exclusive to for casting concrete or plaster Gators. After numerous requests we came out with this design to match our ever popular Garden Gator. Now you can create a whole family of Gators.

This is another heavy duty 3 peice mold. A fun and unique way of marketing this gator is to insert a small PVC connector (available at most hardware stores) into each section. Then cut lengths of pipe and attach it to the connector in each section. Then mount and place the Gator in your fish pond. This gives the gator the effect of floating on the water. Very realistic and popular as well.

As most of you know, this is another thick quality mold capable of creating hundreds of great casts. You can now $ave on this mold by purchasing this mold with the Garden Gator as a set.

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